Scar & Stretch Mark Treatment
Increase your self-esteem and remove those troublesome scars and stretch marks with the help of our experts. Based in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, our team use a derma roller to reduce the appearance of skin irregularities. Often know as skin needling, this stretch mark treatment is sure to provide noticeable benefits.

Repair & Protect

Our nurses use the derma roller to reduce visible scars and stretch marks. This option can be used on the face, back, arms, and most of the body, which allows us to target specific areas. Aesthetic cream is applied before the treatment to ensure that the area is completely numb. The procedure costs £80, and we recommend that you receive a three-course treatment with six weeks in between individual treatments. This ensures that you receive the best results.

The Procedure

The derma roller is a small, hand-held device that comes with tiny needles. Our nurse carefully rolls the device over the affected area, creating hundreds of tiny holes that are not visible. As the device causes trauma, the skin is tricked into producing collagen which repairs the affected area. Appointments usually last around one hour. This includes time for the anaesthetic cream, which has to completely numb the affected area.

Boosting Beauty

As well as reducing scars and stretch marks, our team provide beauty treatments to truly glamorise your appearance. This includes eyelash growth and dermaplaning treatments.