Did you know PROFHILO is available in our clinic? Rachel our aesthetic nurse was one of the first practitioners in the North East to train in this treatment and has been giving patients nothing short of amazing results using Profhilo for the past few years. It really needs no introduction as the results speak for themselves.
Just look at these before and after photos from some of our  patients here at Fresh Faced Aesthetics. Following treatment with Profhilo skin looks healthier, hydrated, brighter, firmer, and this it down to the way it works.
Profhilo is a “Bio-remodelling” in epidermis giving a “lift” appearance to the skin and Collagen is stimulated.  Lines and Wrinkles are greatly reduces all over the face, patients love it as they report feeling they have a more youthful appearance.
Profhilio can plump the skin without volumising and treat skin laxity.
It is one of the purest form of Hyaluronic Acid available In an injection form currently and isn’t like other types of filler we use.
The treatment itself only takes only 15 minutes as there is only 5 small injections give to each side of the face.
Profhilo can be used on the face, hands and neck and chest area is has a low risk of bruising and No- to – minimal pain reported. If you would like more information please contact us and arrange a free face to face consultation with our registered nurse Rachel.