Anti Wrinkle Injections
Regain your youth with our anti-wrinkly treatment in Bishop Auckland, Co Durham.

The Treatment

The procedure involves extremely small injections to the face.

The injections completely relax the muscles and remove lines and wrinkles. Before the procedure begins, you receive a free face-to-face consultation with a nurse, which allows you to speak about your needs and concerns.

As well as your face, this product is also used under the arms to stop excessive perspiration. If you are receiving this variation, it lasts up to nine months.

Cost Effective

The most common areas of treatment include the forehead, glabellar region (frown lines), and the eyes (crow’s feet). It also may improve migraines and headaches! View the price list below: 

  • Prices Start From £110 for One Area
  • £140 for Two Areas
  • £180 for Three Areas
  • £220 for Four Areas

Meeting your needs

As well as our anti-wrinkle injections, our team provide filler injections and chemical peels. We’re sure to have the treatments that you are looking for at our salon.